Troubadour Music sells ukulele products, including our signature products, the Uke Chord Changer and Songbook set.

Inspired by the original Arthur Godfrey ukulele chord changer produced and sold sixty-five years ago, we set out to bring back this incredible device that helps newcomers play the uke without prior musical experience or lessons--just press the chord buttons and strum the strings to achieve the proper chords.

measuring the ukulele chord changer


We improved upon the original design by adding additional chords and partnering with an American company to manufacture the Chord Changers.

A new deluxe songbook was created to provide enjoyable and memorable songs that can all be played with the Chord Changer.

The Chord Changer has broad appeal to people of all ages who are interested in playing the ukulele right away without prior musical experience, as well as those with reduced fine motor skills.

The Chord Changer is designed to fit soprano and concert soprano ukuleles.