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    Video Demonstration and Review of the Chord Changer

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    No one is left out when everyone can play!

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  • Wendy V. (Special Needs)

    I have two students with Down syndrome and one student who broke their arm recently. The chord changers have been a wonderful addition to our ukulele classroom. These students have been able to play basic chords very successfully with the rest of the class!

  • Raymond W. (Service and Quality)

    Excellent service. Quick delivery to Australia especially in a pandemic. Excellent quality with very good directions on how to use the chord changer. Would highly recommend this company.

  • Donna B. (Student with CP)

    I received this item within just a few days of ordering! I absolutely love how it works. My student with CP is so grateful. My only regret is that I wish I had discovered it sooner! Great experience!

  • Mendi E. (Grandkids)

    Grandkids are having a ball actually making music. Hopefully they will catch the “uke bug” and want to learn to play the conventional way without this tool. We’re having so much fun singing along! We have three ukes in our family.

  • LD M. (Well Thought Out)

    Have already recommended it! Came well packaged. Very easy to put on the instrument. Songbook is well thought out. I like that there are suggestions for even more chord than printed on device.

  • Deborah G. (Disabled Players)

    I have been working with disabled players since 2016. I have used every chord maker/ chord changer on the market BUT the Troubadour model of the Ukulele Chord Changer is the only one I have endorsed for the Ukulele Support Project and recommend it to all teachers inquiring about equipment. Why? because it is easy to install, easy to push and encompasses more chords and keys(it comes with an exxteneded chart) than any of the other models. I use it primarily on Soprano ukes for best results. Disabled players in countries all over the world are using this assist as part of the UliSsys (Ukulele Support System for upper limb disabilities) Couldn't not make their dreams come true without it! Mahalo Nui!!!

  • Serge B. (For those with limited music background)

    Very easy to use and install. Definite must for starters or those with limited music background. Wish there was one for banjo...

  • Caroline H. (Arthritic Fingers)

    My father -87- decided to learn the ukulele during lockdown but struggled due to severe arthritic fingers. This device means he can play the notes and continue for longer each session. Great product and shipped to UK in a couple of weeks.

  • Jennifer T. (Cerebral Palsy)

    This chord changer is a game changer! My student with cerebral palsy is now able to push a button and strum with her non dominant hand, and she does not have to worry about putting fingers down onto strings. I wish I could send you a picture of what her face looked like when she realized she could play with the rest of the class. She was quite literally glowing with happiness. Thank you so much for this!

  • S.R. (Incredible Service)

    "The Chord Changers arrived today and they are amazing! Thanks for your incredible service. I'll cherish these for years to come." (S.R., Belgium).